Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A young man told his doctor that he was very embarrassed about the size of this penis and that potential sexual partners laughed at him.

On examination, the willie certainly was weenie. The doctor established that the man had no trouble appealing to women, talking with them, inviting them back to his apartment, or he to theirs.

He suggested that perhaps he should try undressing with the lights out and slowly introducing his potential partner’s hand to the smallish member so as not to shock.

The bloke thought it was worth a try as mates kept telling him size didn’t matter and he was loathe to undergo penile enlargement surgery.

That weekend an attractive young lady accepted his invitation back to his apartment… the lights very dimmed very low during passionate moments of undressing, the girls hand was guided towards the miniscule erection.

In the dark she whispered, “No thanks, I don’t smoke!”